Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Journal posts - Example

'Today we had to show Miss our storyboards to see how we were getting on and it turned out to be a very useful conversation. We realised that the shot of the girl coming up the stairs towards the camera would be very difficult to keep steady, so we are going to use a low-angle shot from the side of the stairs looking through instead. Miss also showed us a sequence made by some students last year: (Insert sequence link) which really inspired us as it manages to keep the air of mystery as to the identity of the main character that we're hoping to achieve but with a good variety of interesting shots. This has given us some good ideas to add into our storyboard. Finally, our conversation got us to thinking about the practicalities of what we want to do, for example how to make the book flutter open and land on a certain page. This could be difficult so we are going to go home and experiment with ways of doing it.'

Title sequences: Saul Bass